We can all make a small effort and together make a big difference for the environment that is becoming increasingly fragile.

Rob Edwards




My annual commitment to pick up plastics:

For The Environment



For the environment I:

  • I’m in. I have put my dot on the map. Let’s all do that and be part of the solution to plastic free oceans.
  • try to find businesses that support Plastic Free Oceans. Sooooo, if you want my business – get on board.
  • when travelling prefer hotels listed on Plastic Free Oceans – I encourage them to list.
  • take all reasonable steps to recycle plastic waste.
  • aim to purchase products and food with the least possible plastic packaging.
  • do not buy water in plastic bottle - the exception is a couple of remote areas overseas with warning the water is contaminated - then I will try and refill with boiled water.
  • ask for non-plastic drinking straws or say none at all.
  • avoid single-use plastic bags where ever possible.
  • take my reusable cup to the cafe. But most often take the time to sit and enjoy it from a cup.
  • grow veges, have some chooks and compost our kitchen scraps.
  • have LEDs for most of our lighting.
  • often add general posts, like I would to Facebook, to my PFO page then click the share buttons to Facebook and/or Twitter so others see my PFO post and I hope they will also become part the solution to the plastics crisis.
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Total amount of plastics that HEROES + CHAMPIONS have committed to either pick up or stop using this many plastics per year:

Total hours donated by all VOLUNTEERS

Just for fun, here’s the total annual plastics commitment for HEROES who follow this page.

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